The Big Mistake Minecraft Isn’t Going To Make Again

The Big Mistake Minecraft Isn’t Going To Make Again

August 31, 2022 0 By Revo

During a recent “Minecraft” Now stream, the game’s creative director, Agnes Larsson, spoke a little about the upcoming “Minecraft” Live event. She led off with the news that the event will definitely be happening and that it will take place on October 15. She followed this up with a discussion about what fans can expect in terms of news and reveals at the event.

Larsson explained that, this year, Mojang will only be previewing features that are “really far in the development process.” Essentially, the goal is to ensure that fans only get a sneak peak at new stuff that has been thoroughly developed and will definitely be making it into the game. This change was made to ensure that fans would not be shown more tentatively planned features and then face disappointment when those features never actually materialize or take a long time to complete.

While Larsson didn’t elaborate on just what mistakes her team has learned from to adopt this new policy, Lauren Morton at PC Gamer speculated that she could have been referencing Mojang’s “Minecraft” Live 2020 that promised lots of exciting changes that either took longer than expected to rollout or got changed along the way.

Whatever mistakes Larsson was thinking of, Mojang has apparently learned from them. This should lead to more realistic “Minecraft” Live this year which will establish clearer expectations for the future of the game.